why 6 gears?

must be a good reason.why not have 5 and no weakness.

For versatility. I was in an enduro 11/18 in Ohio where I was tapped out in 6th on my 01 400EXC several times on road sections. Flying along but totally stable. I don't use it much but, having owned 5 speed MXC and EXC, it's nice to not feel like your limited.

BTW, what weakness are you talking about?

that's KTM!

they give you one as a spare.


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I had been informed that the upper two gears of the 6 speed tranny, and the 4th gear of the SX models were a lighter, weaker gear, not designed for constant, high speed usage (such as street riding) I believe this is what JJ is talking about.

Whether it is a fact or not, is not known by me. :)


I figured that's what you meant and you're correct, at least about the 5th and 6th gears. I hadn't heard that about the 4th in the SX's, though.

That was an initial area of concern with the 6 speed RFS's and probably still is if you use it for a lot of street use. However, I can't remember reading one single incident of tranny problems with an RFS so far. I'm sure the dez guys are using 5th and 6th a lot and they don't seem to be having any problems. I would not let that concern you unless you plan on spending a lot of time on street in those gears.

reason i ask is wonna put one on the road 520 exc,for a long time i've been looking at the drz,but i'm drawn back to the ktm every time[looks+performance].and from what you say about gear/box should'nt be a prob[town only]no long runs. anything you can think of that will really put me off is wellcome. thanks :D:D:)


And infact, I rode in the desert in August, (SE of San Diego) in 4th gear the whole time with my SX, no problems yet....and I hope never.

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