Waterproofing a WR450

GP coming up and the flyer recommends waterproofing. My local shop owner says that my '05 WR450 is already factory waterproofed. Is there anything I need to do to ensure no problems?

I put silicone sealant around the air box seal for the cover. The cover is to flimsy and the 3 zeus fastenters dont make a good seal. I run a plastic bag around the cover and then seat it to the air box with the silicone sealant on the air box and then lossen the zeus fasteners for drying. Then after 24 hours pull the cover off and trim the bag off the sealant. Next put a large slit in the plastic drain tube from the air box to allow water to flow out or buy a Honda one way valve drain from the XR family. Some guys go to the extreme of putting in a YZ airbox and removing the battery. :banghead:

Dzus fasteners....easy mistake if you've never seen it in text.

I didn't want to say anything. Almost everyone spells almost everything wrong. And grammar, punctuation :banghead: . I don't care.

Yeah, but if anyone ever wants to do a search....

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