Am I missing something?

Is there a trick to removing the rear wheal on the 2000 WR? I know, I am a slacker for running on the stock tire for over a year. Now that I am trying to change it, I cant the rear axel off. When I bang on it with a hammer it pushes the barring out on the sprocket side, Spreading my swing arm open. Any suggestions? I am stuck! :)


The factory uses very little grease on the axle. Apperentlly your axle is rusted tight to the bearing. Try a pickle fork (rent one fron Autozone). Once the bearing is loose from the shaft, all should come apart easilly. Clean up the axle and bearing, and use plenty of grease when you put it together. Also be sure to never use a pressure washer around any bearings on the bike. Hope this helps.

Court Crowell

98 YZ-400 Phoenix, AZ

Greg, I think that the best thing that you can do is to spray any kind of anti-seize fluid on the point where the axle meets the bearings on the outside of the hubs wait a day and then take a heat gun and heat up the area and then grab the biggest hammer that you can find and Ba-bam, whack the axle out of there. You'll probably have to buy new bearings but at least you'll be able to roost again.

You've ran the stock tire over the course of a year??? Dude eigher you ride on streets or you need to ride more......... Good Luck, Dan

YZ, What is a Pickle Fork? Dan, I got about 1000 miles on the stockers all dirt. I made the mistake of starting this task the day before the first Hare Scramble (VCHSS) of the season at the track. I managed my best placing, 6th out of 15 in 4 stroke B class on bald tires and a cross-threaded axle nut!


A pickle fork is used to split ball joints from steering arms on autos. They rent them at all major auto supply houses. It is pointed, and tapered. You simply drive it in between the wheel and swingarm.


i had same thing happen to me a couple years ago.first clamp or get a tie-down strap and wrap it around swing arm so that it cant spread apart.then get a puller[2arm puller] that will grip onto you tighten bolt on puller and it start putting pressure on swingarm bolt heat opposite end of bolt with propane might take a couple minutes of heat and pressure before the bolt breaks free so be patient,this will work and causes alot less damage than sled hammer.hardest part is finding puller that will fit.most automotive parts stores carry them for around $20

Thanks for the suggestions. I got the wheel off yesterday by hacking my axle into three pieces. The spacer between the bearings is frozen to the axle. I still have one bearing stuck in the hub. I think that I should be able to get that out without too much trouble.

Sounds like we can all learn a bit about Maintaining The Linkages so days dont have to be spent off the Trail!.. :)


Just came across this.

Sorry, Greg, nothing personal. I hope you have learned to frequent this site. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

P.S. Greg, Good job in the H.S.


Rick Fuller

'01 yz426

'00 yz426 destroyed by fire in desert race 4/22/01

'81 490 Maico

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[important Subliminal Announcment]

Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....Lube and Service often....

<This Subliminal message has been brought to you from your friends at TTalk >

Hey Bill....How about starting a Maintenance Horror File?

Send in them pictures boy's.. :)

Bonzai.... :D

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You hacksawed it off into 3 pieces??? I have found that a large punch & a sledgehammer will do the trick. That axle is around time lube that baby up with Belray Waterproof Grease.

Thanks Rick1 for bashing me 5 months after the fact. I will admit that I still need to completely tear the bike down and lube it. This winter I swear. I know Lamo Lamo Lamo!


Where have you been? I haven't seen you in a while. Are you planning to run Riverbottom?

Just curious.



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Jeff, I think the next VCHSS race is at Martinsville Aug 26th. Now that I think about it. You are right it is called Riverbottom. I am on call for work, and have asked every one but no one will switch weeks with me. I think I can make the rest of the season after that though. See Ya at the races.


Sorry, I really didn't mean to bash you. I just really did laugh when I read it. It sounds like you are involved in racing. I think a person could learn most everything necessary to race & maintain a bike in this forum.

Best of luck


Rick Fuller

'01 yz426

'00 yz426 destroyed by fire in desert race 4/22/01

'81 490 Maico

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