combo switch e-start kill button malfunction ???

Any problems with malfunction in combo switch for the e-start/kill button? Starts out as a dead e-start button intermitent and eventually is dead all the time unless you quick flick the kill button. Plenty of clearance between buttons and housing, clean and lube has no effect. 2002 400 exc. Please advise!!!

Check your battery connections, seat base can loosen them. Turn battery around in mount to prevent.

This happened to me - exactly. It's the Ground connection where the ground wire connects in the switch. To verify this, open up the switch and jiggle that connection and press the e-button. The solution is to clip the wire and re-solder it and you're crusing. Good luck.

I also resolder the conncetions at the switch but every now and then it would not work and by the off chance I put some eelectical tape on the bars and it has been flawless since.


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