What do you guys think of my powder coated beast

Hey i was thinking of doing something with my frame And i really want to chrome it i dont care about the extra weight but Do u guys think if i just polished it and then have it clear coated and if so can they do a clear power coat on it that will last forever? I like shiny stuff im int he process of trying figure out how get the paint off my swingarm so i can polish it im not going to ride it htat much anyways its going to be a show bike lol i know what a waste and shame but hey its my bike and im going to buy a xr650r soon anyways do my riding on

Oh i almost forgot can u chrome the valve cover and the side engine covers? b/c its made out of magnesium and not sure if u can chrome that stuff i know it polishes good but doesnt keep its polish for very long

Love the idea of the chrome frame. My beast is due for a complete teardown and inspection, and have been contemplating doing it. Do you know what kind of weight it will add? I'll probably get the subframe silver anodized. Not sure if you can chrome the magnesium or not. You might try silver anodizing them too. But again, I'm not sure what you can do with the magnesium. Personally I think with the frame chrome and also the covers it might look a little too pimpy. Just my opinion though. Each to his own is what I say. I don't know much about chroming but the first stage is copper coating I believe, and have seen car engine components with just it on, and it looks super sweet. Gives a really deep gold colour but not too much.

you can powdercoat any metal that will hold a charge and not melt in the oven. Powdercoating is way thicker and more durable than than anodizing.

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