WR450 track suspension settings?

Hi, i've recently been visiting motocross tracks on my Wr450 and was wondering if anyone had some suspension settings that suit the track?

Im not very good and weigh about 155 pounds, if thats any help....


What year? All I did for mine, 05, (I weigh 170) was set sag, raise forks in triple clamp about 8-9 mm for better turn in, and back off compression 4 clicks. It lands smoothly, yet soaks up the small stuff well.

You are lucky to only weigh 155.

I am thinking that not much has to be done at all. The fork has soft valving but that

won't effect you much of any at all.

By the way the back off 4 clicks was fork compression, not shock. Shock is plenty compliant at stock setting for me.

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