Handlebar position

I just took delivery of a 400EXC last Friday.

The bike has four positions for the handlebars.

How do I chose which is best for me?

What is the most common position, and why have people chosen this postion?



I tried mine in the closest position, for ease of reach, but after time, I ran mine as far forward as I could.

Reason - I am 6'0", and when I really stuck my leg out, it would hit the bars. With the bars as far away as they could, this didn't happen. Also, I figured, the farther forward they are, the more forward on the bike I am forced to sit, everyone knows forward is better for cornering, especially with MX riding.

Just whatever is comfortable for you though. In all reality, I doubt the 1/4" or so between spacings is noticable by anyone but someone really fast.

Trail and error is going to be the best way. Seems most guys close to an above 6' use the forward most position.

I ran in all the way forward for the longest time and thought it was great until I had some extra time one day and moved them back all the way. I'm only 5'-9" and found that my bike turned alot better with the bars all the way back.

Best thing to do is go out and ride you bike in all the differant positions and see what works best for you.


Geoff, where did you get these risers?

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