My XR650L has a flooding problem. Intervention needed

So I did a quick search but with all the problems in New Orleans it was a few pages before I came up with anything about a carb.

Anyway..... My beloved XR650L is slowly becoming addicted to flooding. :lol: it seems to happen only at high speed and increases in frequency as the temperature decreases. Mainly on the way to work or when I :lol: at night.

I think i have a sticky float but my bike came modded so I have yet to ever tear into a carb. What can I do ?

Buy a new float? :applause:

Do I just remove and clean it with carb cleaner? light sand? :banghead:

I do have one major problem that I think could be contributing to its problems.

My pipe has a hole. :lol: Not the header but the small pc between the header and the actual exhaust can ( suppertrap). Basically the bolt fell off between the exhaust and the mount by the turn signal and the stress of vibration caused the other mount to pull away from the pipe. The bolt and the remaining pipe is still there but there is a small tear that Circles the entire mount. A local muffler shop said they can fix it but he is gone until next week. Could this be contributing to my flooding? My flooding is happending more frequently as this tear goes from a hairline to gash (1/16)

What are the symptoms? By flooding, do you mean it just sputters and dies? If you take the carb apart and there isn't any gas in the float, it's probably okay. You can dunk it in some gas and see if any bubbles come out of the float indicating a leak too. Make sure the needle and seat are clean. A little bit of dirt on the seat will allow gas to continue to flow into the bowl. How do you get it re-started after the problem?

Yes it just sputters and dies.

To re start I just turn the gas off and hit the start button for a while.

Than I turn the gas back on off I go.

I guess I have no alternative than to open it up.

This could also be a loss of spark, and probably more likely that an intermittent float/carb problem.

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