Clutch Line busted

I have an '01 400EXC. This is my first experience with a hydraulic clutch. Has anyone seen problems with hydraulic line rupturing? Mine seems to have come apart and the 90 degree bend fitting just before the slave cylinder.

Also, I almost forgot.

Anyone tried the steel braided lines from Enduro Engineering. If so, is that the way to go since I am replacing mine anyway. Its $40 at my local dealer.

I replaced my line a few months ago with the stainless model, just to prevent something likw that from happening to me.

I like it, as it is more durable. It doesn't route quite as nice, as it is a bigger diameter, I have some zip ties going around my frame and at the CDI box, to hold the line, otherwise it gets pinched between the fork tube and the CDI box in a hard left turn.

I bought the version for the 400/520, which has a 90 degree bend at each fitting. If I were to do it over again, I would get the one for the 2 stroke models, as they go straight in at the lever, not with a banjo fitting. I'd say worth the money. The clutch line, and the clutch slave cylinder guard....if you don't already have one.

now how did I end up with double posts?

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I've seen the stocker rupture twice and I've heard of it several other times. Recent posts say it can lead to a fire, especially with the very hot RFS pipes. I've used the EE SS one's on all my juice clutches and I've been very happy with them. Just make sure that the elbow on MC side is very close to the handlebar, once you get it tightened, so a branch won't be able to loosen it and allow air in. Been there, done that.

I think you'll need 4 crush washers for the slave side connection to get it to seal, unless they're reworked it. The 2 it comes with and the stockers worked for me.

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AH the washers from your old line, you will need to add two extra (total of 4) at the slave cylinder.

Thanks guys,

I did install the EE line and it works perfect so far.......

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