Maintenance routine on 400 EXC

Hi all,

I've got a 2002 400 EXC on order and can hardly wait to get out and ride. My only nagging worry concerns the RFS maintenance requirements. Coming from an XR400, I'm used to minimal maintenance. If I don't have the time or inclination to work a lot on my bike, will I be disappointed with the KTM? I'm OK with light stuff, but can't spend hours in the garage. Any input would be appreciated.


Your new KTM will require more maintanance than your XR alnighters should not be required. After delivery do the normal teardown and grease,adjust

and settings to spec. If you use syn. oil (i'm not

sold) disregard. I change Castrol 20-50 non-syn. oil every ride (c'mon it's a buck and a half) clean screens every 3rd ride and change filters every 300 miles. Every 3 rides clean accel. pump assembly on carb use gasloine to clean. Also every 3 rides Pull shock, gently drive hiem joint spacers out and use w-d 40 and air move h-joint at all angles spraying w-d and using air until clean and moves freely. When done be sure to blow air into h-joint to purge remaining w-d as the joint is not made to accept lube the small amount of w-d left will be ok. Replace stock wheel spacers with spacers mad of steel or atleast a steel insert. I've owned a 01 and 02 400 rfs and find them a joy to ride and work on good luck,p.s.

Loctite shifter bolt,shock mount bolts (torque at 44), subframe bolts, and kicker bolts (not that you'll need a kicker but unlike many other big thumpers your new ride will kickstart cold or hot YEEEEEHAAA

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