All the way, for a 02 400 EXC

Hi, I'm getting ready to purchase a new 02 400 EXC. I'm just want to get some last opinions from all the experts to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Take in mind that I have a chance to get a 520 but I think its to much to handle in the woods. I'm gonna be using the bike for tight eastern trail riding, hare scrambles and enduros. Trails are very tight, rocky steep and muddy. A mountain goat could barely make it up some of these trails. I do go out to the sand dunes during the summer, but I stick mostly to the trails cause thats all I got to ride. I'm coming off a 98 KDX 220 that was great, but is underpowered, low tech suspension and ergos. I got to sit on the 400 and instantly fell in love with it, had to drag myself out of the shop. Everything is perfect about it, except for that hard seat, but hey, in this place you rarely sit on the seat :) so that doesn't bother me.


Great Choice!

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