2002 520 MXC.....Yahooooooo

I just spent two days in the desert (all types of terrain, i.e., rocks, sand, hills, tight trails, jeep trails, etc.) moderate to aggressive trail riding on my new 02 520 MXC and MAN what a BLAST..YAHOOOO. That motor is just so sweeeeeeeeeet. I was riding a 01 400 EXC (for sell)and a 00 300 EXC (for sale..maybe)before 520 MXC. and for those who ask...GO FOR THE 520 EXC or MXC. You lose a little bit in turning but the motor is SOOOOOOOO user friendly and quiet to boot. Who needs to spend money on a loud pipe when you get all that torque at a acceptable sound level (unless racing). And the suspension, YEAH BABY, I set the rear schock to the setting recommended by the factory and played with the clickers and WHAMMMO, I was in there (Has anyone seen the rocks? I don't! We're talkin PLUSH CITY). I never had a bike that dialed in so nicely. The only thing I am going to change is the rear sprocket, maybe one or two teeth higher for climbing steep & technical trails, add a stablizer and handguards and that's it. THE BEST BIKE I HAVE OWNED!. I thought the orange tank would have to go based on pictures and comments read here on the site, but it actually looks goods and is completely functional. I just don't fill it all the way up if I don't need it....to much weight.


So Cal.

02 520 MXC

01 400 EXC (for sale)

00 300 EXC (for sale ??)

00 WR400 Gone

99 XR400 Gone

98 XR650 Gone




SoCalRob: Did you feel that the 300 EXC was a lot more flickable in the turns, and easier to handle than your 520?

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Yes, the 300EXC is more flickable in the turns and easier to manuver in tight 1st gear type of trails. It takes more effort to get the 520 to turn. Is the suspension set-up, excess weight, or gyroscoping effect of thebigger bore that causes this I don't. I ride 70% open desert & jeep type trails so turning is an issue. I'll try raising the forks to see if it helps.

Happy Trails


Trying to get out to SoCal over the Christmas break, where can i ride in the desert?



2002 520SX

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