Just reserved my 06

I just went and put my down payment on the 06 yz450 so i will be getting the first one that comes in at ray wilt, they expect it in novemeber. I'm not sure if I made a good decision or not right now I have a yz250f 2004 and i race 125B and college boy. I weigh 145 pounds and im 5'10, I've never really riddin a yz450 and am wondering has any one else made the transition from the 250f to the 450, how does the weight feel on the 450 does it feel real heavy in the air or is it flickable and also how does it feel in the corners i was reading shootouts and they seem to like how the rm-z turns and hondas and I was thinking bout tryin the rm-z but refrained. Id like to hear some feedback if I made the right choice also how do you put an image on here not the link just the picture

its hard to say how it will be but with all the changes made you might have a small adjustment period but in my opinion thats the right move.

You can flick the 450s around. It will take a bit to get use to the bike.

Question is can you hold onto a 450? They wear you out.

In my early 20s I weighed 150lb and started riding 500 2 strokes. Just calm down a bit, learn to roll the throttle on smoothly and ride a bit more relaxed. And get used to going thru the first turn all by yourself!!! If you have any kind of reflexes you will be the holeshot king!!!

Please search.

You'll find loads of good advice on this topic.

beautiful bike. if i had the cash, i'd do the same! congrats.

i'm sure youll love it.

MXZack, I too am 5'10" and 145lbs and over the last few years have gone back and forth between a 250F and 426. The 250F is definitely more flickable and less tiring, but if you have the right conditioning and throttle control, the power of the big bore is a kick in the pants. Throttle control is key, you can't just pin it everywhere like a 250F.

You can't compare a 426 with an 06 450 as the 426 is a hog compared to the current 450's and the 06 450 is suppose to wear it's weight much lower than the current 450's. I see plenty of skinny dudes riding the 450's fast. You just have to get use to it...

In my opinion riding a 450 is a lazy man's ride (yes, I admit, I'm lazy!). I rode Stezlaki's 250f for a few laps and found out what this idea of shifting was all about....I get so spoiled on my 450 that all I have to do is put it in 3rd and twist it. The power, when used correctly (and of course RESPECTED) can make your riding a lot easier. Take a look at how many older guys are on 250f's vs 450's. I think you'll find your answer there.

Ride on!

yes congrats.....let us know how she rides...

the power of the big bore is a kick in the pants. Throttle control is key, you can't just pin it everywhere like a 250F.

I haven't riden the 250F but I have a 2005 YZ450F and with a paddle on the back riding in the sand, I know I got to get up over the handlebars if I use the throttle hard... It is a total blast.. :banghead:

i think it'll rock. but i'm not sure how i would do on it. gotta test ride it first.

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