Why spend $65 on JD jetting kit....

.... when you can just buy the individual jets for about $3-4 each? Does the JD jetting kit do something I am not aware of?


It's all about the needles. Go to the direct website for all the info you're looking for...SC

Apparently the needles are a custom taper not available anywhere else. I can tell you it works really well, it's possible you might be able to get the same results with stock needles and jets but the JD kit is fast and worked right out of the box.

05 wr450 blue needle 3rd groove 170 main 2 turns out on fuel screw. sea level to 2000 feet (installed per JD instructions) way more midrange, instant throttle response, no bog (it does pop on decel but who cares)

Where can you buy jets for $3? This I gotta know.

I can get main and pilot jets everywhere for about $6 Australian so $3-4 US sounds right.

I would not pay any more for them.

I bought the JD kit to same me time from trial and error. I use dhis recommended jet/needle to start and I have dropped it one just size and its perfect. I didnt want to play around with it over and over. Kinda like it when others do my research and development and I come in "johnny come lately" and do what he does. I'm lazy I guess. :banghead:

JD needles are custom made triple taper needles, you get two in the kit a red and a blue, depending on your temperature and elevation, they are very good, much better than what yamaha can offer. do a search to see the positive results, i have the kit in my 99 wr and it hammers

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