What is the cheapiset to get a Spark arrestor for a 02 Yzf426?

try pro moto billet or dubach racing end caps if you still have stock can

drill out the rivets on your end cap...

get a heavy duty screen to put in there and re-rivet the cap on...

then polish up your can real shiny and you will not be questioned at most places

i went to the sand dunes and they looked at it and poked it with their little stick and sent me on my way

biggest key was polishing the silencer to not look stock... and make sure you get off all of the inprinted writing on the backside of it

yeah i used my homemade one for a day and plan on getting an actual new exhaust this winter... just didnt want to dish out at least 100$ for 1 weekend of needed use

and as far as that article goes... the DR. D isnt approved anymore?

but i really doubt that any ranger would get that picky but i guess ya never know

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