1st post-need advice

As it say's, 1st post here-hoping you guys can lead me in the right direction. I'm working on buying an 04 WR450, and the owner say's it's a red CA stickered machine. Is this for real, I thought the WR has always been a green CA sticker.

Anyone have any tip's for me?

Is there any way to get a greenie for it?

I know about the vin, and I'll check that out when I see it friday. He said it was purchased in CA and has never left the state. Thanks

Great Forum...........

Wr's prior to 2003 are green sticker thanks to the granfather rule,but 03 and 04 are red stickered bikes.The 2005 models have an ais smog set up that makes them green sticker green and the 06 model should be green also.

I think the 04 were red standard and then you have to put on some more road

crap to make them green.

I don't know what you will need because they are road legal here in Australia.

I am new here too, but I think have a handle on this red/green thing. 05 WR450's are green (first year), 04's are not. All pre-03 bikes are grandfathered in. A few early 03's produced early in 03 are green, very few. This has very little effect on me cause I could not $pring for any newer model, I love my 01 426.

Ok, will have to mull this over, as I like to go riding when "I" want to go riding. Not when the Eco-Nazi's say it's ok for me to ride.

California emission laws are such a joke. :banghead:

I started out with a 03 wr450 and the dealer didnt tell ne is was red stickered :lol: Sold it and found a nice 02 WR426 with less than 500 miles on it now I :applause: anytime :banghead:

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