Differences between 03 & 04 yz450

What things did Yamaha change from the 2003 yz450 to the 2004 yz450? How much of a weight difference is there between the two years and what did they change to lose the weight of the bike? Was there a power difference, did they give it more power in 04? thanks

Biggest difference is the 46 mm 03 forks and then the 48mm single chamber 04 forks.

Weight about the same.

Power, they took some of the hit out of the bike.

Go to Yamaha-motor.com and do a Specification comparison on the 2 modoels.

The weight was close, but the '04 is lighter. Another nice little add-on was Ti footpegs. The forks were a significant improvement.

How they altered the power character is not clear to me. Their website said it had more rotating mass, but the crank and flywheel assemblies are the same, and the two bikes post nearly identical numbers on the dyno. It probably had something to do with ignition mapping. I know on my '03 the FMF exhaust with the PB header makes the power much smoother, even while it actually adds a bout one HP to the peak.

Given the choice between two bikes with similar time, equipment, and price, I would pick the '04 without hesitating.

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