uncorking a 2000 xr600r

I am in the process of getting a 2000 xr600r and was wondering how or what is the best way to uncork this bike? I have read about the 650r but not the 600. Can anyone please help me? I would also like to know what pipe and header to buy? Which brand gives this beast the most power? I don't want any engine mods because I want her to be very reliable. Anyone out there with good advice because I'm listening. By the way the 2000 xr600 has only 25 miles on it. It is brand new. The guy used the bike to get his mail on a half mile long dirt driveway. I picked the bike up for 3000.00 with a brand new baja design kit included in the price. Please advise and thanks to all in this forum. I have been contemplating buying a big bore 4 stroke for almost 10 years and found one that always wanted in the last production year that is brand new. Thanks again.

I had a 93 XR600 and all I did was to remove the airbox snorkle and remove the very small center restricted portion of stock exhaust baffle. Removing the entire baffle was just too loud for my taste and where I rode. I originally went up one size on main and pilot but after riding for a few months I decided this was too rich and went back to stock factory jetting and rode this way for 6 years. Only reason for selling was the new 650R. I think aftermarket exhaust is waste of money and will not make you any faster. You will be much better off to spend money on getting suspension fine tuned for your weight and riding style. Also get lots of fresh grease to all bearings.

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