need parts for overseas version XR650R

Hey all you non-US XR650 owners/riders/helpful guys-

I have a 2001 XR650R that I bought from a dealer in Dammam, Saudi Arabia which is where I am now. Apparently, there is a different version of the XR650R for foreign markets compared to the XR650R that is sold in the U.S. My headlight assembly, including the separate white number plate need to be replaced. I can't find the original parts on any online parts sites or from the Honda dealers in the U.S. If anyone has any ideas where I can find the original headlight assembly, I'd like to hear from someone. I'm going to try and attach a photo of the headlight area.


You will also notice that the turn signals are round compared to the rectangular ones that come with the XR650L in the states. I also need to replace the two rear turn signal lenses which are identical to the two up front.

You have got the XR650R "ED" version which is the same as I have recently purchased here in Dubai. I can try and find out from the Honda dealer here in Dubai where they can get the parts for you. I am quite good mates with them. I travel to Saudi on business quite frequently so we can possible make a plan. The light set and indocators are standard fitment on the "ED" model I believe so you should be able to get them quite easily.

White numberplate : 61140-KCY-A10ZB

Red headlight housing: 61301-KCY-650ZD


Thank you for the part numbers!

Thanks for the advice/tips.

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