Water pump HELP QUICK

I have a track day and the water pump is leaking on my XR650R. Any way to make temporary repairs to make it till I can get a pump in from the factory? No one locally has one in stock..... :banghead:



Double Bubble?

where's it leaking from? The drain bolt with the copper washer or from the weep hole, etc? A "stop leak" product from you local autoparts store may provide a temporary fix, but I'd fix it the right way as soon as you get a chance.

Weep hole, I pulled the pump and it is the mechanical seal..... :banghead:

I have ordered the pump from Honda, no aftermarket avalible, should be here by 11:00am, I hope.

Anyone else have a pump that failed? I don't fell that it was premature but would like to know when the next one may fail. I bought this one used from the second owner.


I would only use stop leak as a last resort. It will plug up any small passages in your radiator too.

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