windshield on the L

It's getting cold up here so I decided to buy a windshield for my 650L!

I'm doin a lot of highway at 70/75 mph. Here's the result

I had to fit it on the small crossbar on the stock bars. I used rubber tape as a shim but I will have to build something else, rubber tape has to much flex. I used tyraps as a temporary fix!

I think it looks pretty good even if look wasnt the priority here!!

I just have to tuck in a little to clear all the wind from chest and helmet!! :banghead::lol::applause:

It looks good.

Did you go a quick release mount so you dont have to mess with it to much when you going to hit the trails?

how much did it $$$$$$$$ you.

My car has some issues so I have been driving way too many freeway miles lately. 50 miles to and from work, 6 days a week. Its been cold this week here too.

It has been nice watching everyone else complain about the gas prices lately.

Yeah its kinda quick-release. I just unscrew 2 allen bolts and pull the windshield. only the brackets on the bar will stay..

I got it for 70$ can

he means like just some push buton clips......

Where did you get it? Had one on an old CM and one on my sons Rebel, haven't been able to find one for my 650L.

yeah, where did u get it.....i will need one some day

I got it at a local store, He had it in the store so I dont know the brand. It is written road krome in the lower part...I've seen a few similar on ebay

It actually isnt too bad looking for a cold snap season I guess....

but thank GOD we never get very cold here in San Diego, I dont like it that

Good work though man, keep ya from freezing your McNuggets off !

BTW I like your tank graphics, I picked up a set a while back after I saw em.

Thanks Justice

The windshield is really awesome. It makes the ride much more comfy!

I couldnt believe how little wind I was getting at 75 mph :banghead:

And by just tuckin in a little I get my head totally out of the wind and I can smoke a cig :applause:

when i get my cycle endorsement ill have to get me one ah dem

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