Coolant Overflow Tank for the YZF

Brought to you by Redneck engineering and Budwieser.

Materials are ;

Turkey baster (buy it at wal-mart of grocery store)

Chair bumper (buy it at Ace hardware in hooks and fasteners aisle, take your baster with fact I think they sell them there too. Its a tight fit, which is good)

Small length of heavy duty fuel hose, 1/4 or 1/2 ID to fit over baster and Radiator overflow tube.

3 small zip ties to secure that.

4 or so zip ties to secure baster to inside of radiator louvers.

WD-40 nozzle bent into a U for venting. If you don't vent this thing it will pop apart.

It works perfectly. I've filled it up in several enduros this year from low and slow clutch slipping situations. When the engine cools down it receives the coolant back and you never need to fear the risk of grenading your motor again.


From a Georgia cracker living in Alabama, that is one fine piece of redneckmanship. You need more duct tape and a coat hanger though, at least for aesthetic purposes. :banghead:

Seriously, good job. It will be copied for years to come.

I got the idea from the CRF dudes.

In between reading all thier 'my bike just blew up' threads.

Ditch the zip-ties and use Duct-Tape over wire instead. :banghead:

Some points:

> To retrieve the coolant, the hose that runs from the radiator to the catch bottle has to reach to the bottom, or enter at the bottom.

> In order for the vacuum created in the cooling system by contracting coolant to pull back the expelled coolant, there cannot be any air leakage between the cap and the top of the radiator neck. If your recovery system doesn't work, it may be leaking at that point. You can either make a small gasket out of thin gasket stock, or use a cap from a WR.

see garrage 4 mine

Does anyone know if you can fit a wr overflow coolant tank onto a yz and make it work? Be kinda nice to have it, I can boil mine over on some tight trails. Rather than redneck it, I'd love to have oem....

Sure you just have to do a little carving on the fender I think I payed $ 20.00 brand new for it and it's OEM 5GS-21871-00-00

can someone explain a little better please. i don't understand which over flow tube you hook the baster to, and then the fuel tubing, what?

If you want a WR bottle, get it from Mr Cycle. Picked one up for under $10. Needed to make a hook clamp for the front mount, and grind the side cover a bit, but it was pretty easy. Misses my PMB Kick Stand too.

can someone explain a little better please. i don't understand which over flow tube you hook the baster to, and then the fuel tubing, what?

The stock overflow on the YZ is the clear tube coming off the filler neck, it runs down the front frame rails and dumps out somewhere in the front of the motor. Just jerk that off and run the fuel line from the bottom of the baster to the fitting on the filler neck and you're good to go.

I like the idea of the WR puke tank, but I don't like having it clear on the back of the bike. I'm going to try and come up with something clever someday as well. Nice work MotoGoalie!

I know I'm dredging up an older post, but I just DS'd my YZ and wanted to make this mod clean and small. How much volume is needed?

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