XR 650R footpeg dilema

Last weekend during a relaxing sunday ride I snagged the side of a square rock that was hiding in the grass, while ripping along a trail in 3rd gear. As my Pig stopped instantly, and while I was flying thru the air, I can clearly remember worrying about the state of the ol six fitty's cases. Thankfully, they didnt suffer any damage.

However, my left footpeg took the brunt of the impact, and its toast. Now, Ive never liked the small footpegs that come stock on the bike from the start, and the right side footpeg is starting to give me troubles where the brace bolts on to the frame. Im thinking of tapping the frame and using a different bolt on the right side, and buying new, wider footpegs. Has anyone else suffered footpeg problems and found a worry free solution?

for right side footpeg fix, talk to Kritter here on TT. http://animalhousedesigns.net/

for the pegs, I am getting a set of IMS pegs when I can afford em.

Thanks. Are the IMS pegs titanium?

Thanks. Are the IMS pegs titanium?


I'm sure they have more then one model. Why do you want titanium? Trying to make an ultralight pig?

find out here

I have the stainless steel IMS pegs on my 650r.....worth every penny. You will immediately feel the difference.

IMS Pro series pegs are cast stainless. The weight isnt the benefit though it their size. theyre much larger than factory and have a pretty agressive tread pattern on them.

As far as the right side goes, definately go with critters fix. I did last year and have had zero trouble since.

Nice. Thanks for the help guys.

Im not interested in putting the Pig on a diet, I just cant stand to see him get any fatter. I would pony up a few extra bucks for ti pegs if the cost difference wasnt too big. Otherwise, steel will work just fine.

The new pigs dont come with those cheesy 80's style pegs anymore do they? The pegs on my 93 KX are at least a 1/2" wider, and even they are small compared to the new mx'ers.

Check out the Power Pegs. I believe the TT store sells them. I don't own them and have never ridden a bike with them, but they're something new and interesting since they pivot 20 degrees forward and 20 degrees back. I have the IMS Pro pegs and I like them a lot, but they're not the only game in town. White Brothers also has some new pegs out that look nice. Fastway pegs also get good feedback, but I don't know if they offer a set for the XR650. Here's the links to the Power Pegz if you want to check them out.


Here's a review from TT on these...


I saw those qadsan and wondered if down the road they'd be more of a problem than an aid? I'd imagine the springs wear out and you have to constantly adjust the tension. Plus having rocker like pegs can be detrimental in some cases. However, they are worth a try and if someone gets them give us a review. I got the XR's only pegs and I'm sort of happy with them. The meat cleaver spikes rounded off very fast and I find myself filing them alot to get the edge back. Check out the IMS, I think they'd be your best bet and retail for about $89.

Power pegs are not yet made for the XR the last time I checked with P/P...

I'll try a set on my BRP..When they make it out....... :banghead:

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