new carb

Finally got my new mikuni pumper but it didn't come with cables and had some 14" long choke cable looks like i will be waiting for more parts before i can put it in :banghead:

Is that for a R or a L?

I bet it's jetted for a Harley :banghead:

its an R, and i think it is jetted for a harley. thats probably where the dorky foot long choke cable comes from to. maybe i should have waited for the edlbrock. but i'm not a huge fan of the dial a jet system. i'll have to wait and see what happens

yes u will

yes u will

worthless post, post whore

worthless post, post whore

well, Don, I have to agree wholeheartedly with ya on that one ... he must think knowledge grows with post counts :banghead:

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