06 wr 450 O.t.d. ??

Been thinkin for a while about getting a wr 450...The 06s are sweet!!

Sat on one today, nice bike...

Dealers tellin me around 6700.00 out the door...

What are you guys payin..??

I think they got all the bugs out of them now, anybody seeing any problems ??

Thanx in advance for any replies.....


Personally I think they got all the bugs out in 05 and expect big changes in 07 (fuel injection, aluminum frame, six speed maybe). I say get an 05 and save tons and make it better than an 06 for less.

I got an internet quote last week from lacycle sports and they said 6,999 OTD for the 2006 and 6,299 OTD for the 2005 model. I think they've got a bunch of 05s in inventory they want to move and then the price will drop.

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