XR650L Seat Foam & Cover-Same as 600R?

I would like to replace the seat foam and cover on my 1993 650L. Does 600R cover & foam fit on the 650L seat base? Few companies list seat foam or covers for the 650L. :banghead:

A 600r cover will fit a XR650L model, but its pretty tight to fit. Most good auto upholsterty shops will install it for about $20-$25. I have been thinking of eventually changing my cover and graphics with a 600r set or just a Grabber seat cover for a 600r.

Good luck and check e-bay, they have some nice 600r sets pretty good priced.

I purchased one off of Ebay for a XR 600 and installed it myself on my L. I was very pleased with it and I wish I had done it sooner because it looks so much better than the orange cover that came on it. The gripper material has a nicer feel too. :banghead:

they fit straight on

Thanks guys, getting rid of the "tomato" Ceet cover is definitely on my to do list! :banghead::applause:

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