Need advice!

Gday Fellas,

I'm after a bit of advice on the Ol' trusty XR600 or an XR400.

I currently ride a Husqvarna TC610R 2000 Mdl and I'm going to get let it have a new owner soon, I think. My reason is that it is just TOO much of a handfull in the type of terrain I ride in 95% of the time and I end up wearing alot of trees and mud, the rest of the time it leaves everything for dead, which is always fun :applause: . That and the excessive time I spend on maint, and the servicing costs and parts costs are beginning to give me the shits :banghead: . Oh did I mention that it hates transport legs between trails.

I have spent alot of time on bikes over the years and can ride it to the limit with no problems before you tell me to go back to a 250! But I am looking for a "trail" bike not a "race" bike.

Ok, here goes the questions.

1. I am 6'3 and 109 kgs (not fat either) and fit, so I need a good size bike for both height and build.

2. The majority of my riding is done in forest single track and fire trails, with lots of obstacles and hills that never end!

3. I want a bike that will not need endless hours spent with a spanner in hand, or waiting for a mechanic to open so I can get an odd size bolt!

Now comes your turn! I have always liked the 600 for sheer grunt and the 400 for its flickability in the tight stuff. Tell me your reasons for backing which model! Pros and Cons! Sell me on it!


How about getting an XR650R? It feels more nimble than the ole xr600 with gobs of more power. I hear you on Flickability. I went out and bought a husky wr250. I must say it's alot lighter and funner over the lil stuff but it deflects and bounces around alot. I prefer the stable/planted feel of a heavy fourstroke now. The grunt is certainly there on my 650 and I hit the weights 4-5 days a week so I can maintain a 50+ mile trail ride. Yes, singletrack will not be your best friend but it's do-able. I've done 60 miles of singletrack in one day and lemme tell yah almost every muscle was spazzing and cramping up towards the end of the day. It beats on the clutch and brakes too. I think you would be bored with the 400. Possibly check out a CRF450X. Best of both worlds. Still fairly light with plenty of grunt and minimal engine braking(which is what wears you out on a fourstroke).

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