1st ride... It's a dog

Got the 84 XL600R running and took it for a ride yesterday... DOGGY! esspecially on the top-end...

I took the carbs apart for a good cleaning and everything looked good, I didn't note the jet sizes or the location of the clips on the needles (dumass)

It has the stock exhaust that rattles... stuff broken off inside...

I'm cheap, but looking for a Supertrapp & a K&N filter... If the carbs are rich & causing the doggyness, that may help...

any oldtimes around with experience on the older 2 carb models know any other stuff to wake this one up?

Have you done a compression check?

We owned two older XLs. The carbs are difficult to tune. The needle on one carb (or both?, don't remember) has no clips so you must use shims to raise needle and richen mixture. Also the pilot screws may be plugged to prevent adjusting. Many owners would install Supertrapp and never richen carbs which resulted in very lean condition and burnt valves. Stay away from K&N filter. Twin Air is best for engine protection. If you install Supertrapp be sure to richen all circuits on both carbs. If you don't want to deal with difficult carbs then leave stock.

Haven't done a compression check, But from the kicker feel, it is good... way more than my triumph... it requires use of the decompression lever.

Tuning carbs shouldn't be a problem... I've done banks of 4 carbs on the old SOHC CB750 and other 4 cyl bikes...

Basically asking if there are any tips/tricks specific to this bike? Or if the tried & true stuff that is universal is it...

Is the exhaust plugged ?

If you got all the moss out of the jets , I would take off the muffler and ride it and see if that makes any improvement , if so replace that, there's a stocker on ebay right now if you want to go low buck.

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