CR/CRF forks on a XR650R

In an effort to upgrade the front forks on my R whilst on a budget, I bought some original CRF triple clamps off ebay. Has anyone done this. I don't have much into the triple clamps, so I figure I can experiment. Everything looks like it would work. I should have them in a few days, just looking for a priori confirmation about my frankenstein. Do you think the CRF triple clamps will fit the XR frame and bearings?


You will have to press in the XR steering stem, and use the XR steering head bearings. You will need the CR wheel/spacers/axel too.

Do you know for a fact that I won't be able to use the CR stem and bearings? Is it the bearing that is the issue, or is it the stem? The length of the stem seems okay. I could see the bearing diameter being different, is that what you are saying?


I have done the conversion on my bike. You will need to use the Xr stem. The crf stem is too long. Also the bearings are different on the xr then from the crf. You need to use the crf wheel and axle. The triple clamps need to be modified for the steering stops. It is not much work but it can be done. I put a RTT Motorsports steering stabilizer on mine after I had done the frok fitup. Things can be done like I said but it just takes a little work. If you have any questions you can ask me. Tony

I went with a set of Ohlins USD forklegs on my XR650R, originally from a Cannondale X440.. re-valved and oiled for different weight.


This company sells a trick looking conversion kit. I have no experience with it, just passing along the info.


Thanks for the great advice everyone.

What about anodizing the CR triple clamps? I realize they are cast, which may exclude them from anodizing. Any experience here?

Cat0020, Great looking 650R, Man :banghead:

What's the weight difference between the two fork setups?

I would like to here fead back also! i am thinking of trying this swap just because there are alot of crf front ends around and there pretty cheap. but i've heard that the crf front end doesn't work very well on the 650R

i'll be selling some new ohlins, i have a stock crf triple and a CNC triple also, stuffs gotta go, too much stuff in the garage

I just got in the CRF triple clamp and tore off the stock XR triple. The lower bearing is the same between the two. The kicker is the upper bearing. The XR uses a smaller bearing on the top, where the CRF uses the same bearing top and bottom. This is why you need to swap the stem.

My question is the diameter of the stem in the lower triple clamp is different. Those that did this, did you have to bush the hole? (no pun intended)

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