Routing a 'Honda style' front brake line on a 426

So I have this Ride Engineering stainless line and cannot get it to cooperate. Its running over the number plate and the clamped to my left fork guard just like it should be with RE's clamp. If I give the area below the clamp too much slack it rubs on my brake rotor and if I give the area above the clamp too much slack the brake line violently gets jerked out of the clamp when the forks fully extend (i.e. coming off a jump). How the heck should this thing be routed/clamped?

pics please!


The routing below the clamp needs to be as compact as possible so the line stays out of trouble. Above the clamp, there should be a guide ring at the lower left corner of the front number plate, and there should be an extension from the upper left of the plate to keep the hose from fouling the clutch cable, etc., as the fork extends. There should be a section of stiff plastic around the hose between the clamp on the fork guard and the loop at the number plate. If the line does not have one, you may want to try to fabricate something.

If you are still running the fork guard guide on the lower it will snag on the line during compression and f&*^ it up. Either take the guide off entirely or trim off the piece that comes around the inside of the guard.

I removed the bottom fork guard guides and mounted the line bracket just above that location. Gray, I dont have the loop on the number plate or the hard plastic hose that keeps the line safely away from the rotor.

I need to rethink my strategy. thanks!

The plastic stiffener I mentioned runs up from the clamp to the middle of the number plate, like the one on the stock line. It keeps the hose running straight up the fork tube.

Sometimes, you might also get the hose to behave a little better between the clamp and caliper by twisting the hose slightly left or right and then clamping it down. That will affect the position the hose "wants" to sit in.

What brand of line do you have???

The galfer model I used did this. I was angry! I desided to give Ride Engineering a piece of my mind.....

The gentleman that answered said..."Sir, did you know the ends will rotate?"""

I calmly said thank you and was very happy I did not get too abusive.

Will yours do the same?

I have the Ride Engineering line, but I dont think its the Galfer style. Not sure if it'll rotate or not, I'll check this weekend.


thanks for the advice. The plastic piece I was referring to is located between the clamp and caliper and is pre-shaped to keep the hose from the rotor. My bro-in-laws CRF250X has this and it certainly works. Maybe I'll borrow it when he isn't looking.

Thanks again.

If its a ride engineering line, I can almost promise you it will rotate. That was one of the advantages of going with them.

The fittings do not look like they will rotate, but they do.

Dont feel bad, I would never have noticed this on my own!

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