Questions on free mods

Can I only do the grey wire without having to rejet, if so does it effect the electrical start? I have already removed the guts from the muffler and the dealer removed the throttle stop. I want to get the smog removal kit from the TT store. I just don't want to do it yet, I want to still ride while i'm waiting on the kit, or should I just do it all at once.


When I cut my grey wire I didn't have to rejet. I wish I could give you more info on the ele start buy my 01 doesn't have one. I would probably do the mods one at a time so you can see the difference, also if something goes wrong you have one thing to work on instead of trying to figure out which of the 10 mods caused a problem.

First what year do you have? You shouldn't have to re-jet because of the Grey wire, it only changes the timing, you will however have to re-jet if you open up your pipe and your airbox. I highly recommend that you remove the snorkel from the airbox since you opened the exhaust. When you do :banghead::applause: you'll love it, then re-jet the pilot jet, install a adjustable fuel screw, and main jet and you should be fine. :lol:

Depends on temp and altitude- see jetting database sticky. On warm days, and/or at altitude, you should be safe (but not necessarily optimal) with stock jetting, if you are not hammering it. I have done the same mods you did and not rejetted, but will in the next few weeks as it cools off to below 75*... But, I did adjust the fuel screw to 1.75 instead of stock 1.25 turns out. So I am getting some extra fuel at low throttle setting, I guess.

The grey wire doesn't affect the e-start at all. You should probably rejet with the exhaust mod and throttle stop removed, you might as well pull out the airbox snorkel and order the JD jet kit with your AIS removal kit. They are really lean from the factory so any mods you do to let it breath require richer jetting.

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