Speed Odometer & Trip Meter

Does anyone know of a battery operated Speed Odemeter Trip Meter that would work on a YZ? (Preferably a proven solution you are currently using or have used in the past)

Best I can describe what I am looking for is similar to the Bicycle computer I have on my Specialized Mt. Bike. It has a sensor that clips on a spoke and has a reader that mounts on the inside of the fork. You program the diameter of the tire in the computer that mounts on the gooseneck and it gives you a digital readout of current speed, miles rode, avg speed, top speed, time distance and the works. The computer is a little bigger than a large sport watch and uses a watch type battery.

I thought of taking the computer off my Mt. bike and trying to rig it on the YZ but I don't think it will work due to the gap between the forks and the spoked rim.

I normally race MX and Harescrambles but plan on riding some GNCC's yet this year and need a device to help measure my pace and plan for pit stops.

Other last question, if there is such a computer that works on a motorcycle, how does it compensate for the distance traveled with the front wheel off the ground? :banghead:


Any help appreciated,


The trailtech has worked great for me over the last 1 1/2 years.

Ditto on the Trailtech. It uses a pick up and magnet to sense the front wheel turning -on or off the ground. I dont know that anything exisits that will compensate like you stated for when the wheel is off the ground.

I will be selling mine in the next week or so...The computer is new and I also have billet protector to go with it. PM me if your interested.

Guys, thanks for the response & info on the TrailTech. That is exactly what I am looking for. :banghead:

Get a GPS it will keep your speed, time, distance,and much more no matter how long you ride a wheelie.

I second the GPS. I have a GPS12 that clips to my handle bars. It is great for reversing a course or calculating distance back to camp.

GPS is awesome but if you ride really hard the problems with it are possible. So to be sure you must use tripmeter.

If you plan to take part in serious cross-country events the bulletproof solution is ICO Tripmeter. It seems that this is de facto standard for rally use. I like Trailtech also but, correct me if I'm wrong, it hasn't handlebar buttons that you can use to correct the readings. And without this feature Trailtech is useless.

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