powercore insert

hi guys

i have an 05 wr450 with a powerbomb header and powercore 4 silence and considering installing a fmf quiet core insert. (way too loud)

has anyone done this?

is it a lot quieter or just a gimik?

did it affect power delivery?

did jets need to be adjusted? what do you tweak i.e needle or just fuel screw?

any other coments on this insert appreciated?

Thanks heaps :banghead:

Try searching for this, I think Indy swears by this setup. If I recall correctly, he found this to be the best compromise b/w power and noise, even better than the FMF Q. I want to get one for my (too loud) PC 4, but I've been dragging my @ss on the issue.

i ran that setup on my wr (pb/pc4/qc insert) and it worked well,mine tested at 98db(103 without). yes it takes a tiny bit of bottom away but if noise is an issue its worth it. its a way better setup than the Q as far as power :banghead: it may require turning the fuel screw in a little (maybe 1/2 turn) because it will tend to richen it up.

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