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Stage one Dynojet kit

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If a guy was planning to get The Keihin FCR Carb soon (really soon!!!!), and presently has a full system yosh and a 3x3 mod done, and hasen't re-jetted the bike yet.

And since the FCR MX carb doesn't fit by word of this brilliant forum :applause: Thanks for all the advice!!!!

I have the Stage 1 kit, and I'm not sure if I need a totally different kit for the FCR Carb when it arrives or if I should tear this kit open now, pull out the carb and rejet it. Do I need this kit regardless of what carb I have?

From what I understand the spring and needle are better than stock, but wouldn't another kit provide those parts anyways? Plus the kit only came with a 128 thru to 136 main jet?

So it seems I needed to purchase another main jet anyways, is that all I need to do when the FCR arrives, buy a different main and pilot Jet and use the Dynojet kit, or do I need a whole different kit?

I'm patient enough to wait until the Carb arrives, I think. So if

Sorry newbie question :banghead:

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