Quick Edelbrock question: remote idle adjuster

I'm installing my new Edelbrock carb on my 650R.

Is the remote idle adjuster just left dangling from the carb? There doesn't seem to be an attachment on the Edelbrock to mount/secure it like on the stock carb.

Thanks, 4Takt

Yes, it just dangles there. You can buy a p-clamp to secure it to the engine if you want (very simple to do), but the guys at Edelbrock leave them dangling without issues on their bikes. One of these cables did get bent and it finally broke on one of my bikes and I had to replace it, but the others have been fine this way for a couple years.

I saw this $1.00 mod over at www.advrider.com and it works great!


Print this image out and go to Home Depot and buy this exact part. They cost about a buck...


Here's where you mount it...



Thanks! That's a great idea.


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