Paddles & gearing for 05 WR450

I want to take my 05 WR450 to Dumont Dunes in California. It is stock with the free mods performed. Any advice on paddles and gearing? I considering a 9 paddle with stock gearing.

Thanks for any input.


Dude get the cheap 8 paddle chen shing from rocky mountain 34 bucks I think, and have a great time. Keep your speed up and it will be the best.

I run a Kings 8 paddle, It has long bars /shoulders between the scoops for cornering. Also run a 14 tooth countershaft sprocket.

The 14 shoertens up the gearing and moves the paddle tire back and gives the mud flap some extra room. Tore off mine before I learned that one.

Have fun


Isn't 14 tooth the standard?

Been to Dumont with both my 05' WR450 and my 83' CR480R. Go with the King 8 paddle. Anything else just looks cool because the extra paddles will just slow you down sooner. I finally had to go to a 13 counter with a 52 main sprocket. I wrapped one of my socks/with tape around the shock because with the 13 counter sprocket, you will eat up the mud flap. It's a tough hill. My 2 stroke on a cool morning makes it up it draging my heavy butt. Good luck on the 4 stroke! With stock gearing, you haven't got a chance!!!!!!!!

Isn't 14 tooth the standard?

Could be, My 01 came with a 15t

thanks everyone, sounds like an 8 paddle is the ticket. Thats what I ran on my KX250 also with good performance. I'll mess with the gearing a bit to see what works .

I'm in the same boat here guy's

Any issues with the paddle hitting the coolant reservoir?

I love sand riding so I built a complete second wheel assembly. Costs about $500 but changing paddles is a bitch because of the lack of flex and the rimlocks. My local shop charges $27 for each swap, so a round trip was $54 from knobby to knobby.

I also installed a 52 tooth on the paddle wheel so the gearing is changed when you change wheels.

If you can find a 10 paddle, get it. You'll always have two paddles in the sand, you've got the power and it matters going up hill bigtime.

You'll have to move your axle waaaay back for the front swingarm clearance, so you may need to get a new chain and an extra master link. It's a combination of the larger tire, and the larger sprocket. I run two masters back to back while my paddle is on. I did that for years in So. CA running in the dunes at Glamis with my old YZ490 and never had a problem. Works great so far with my 2005 WR 450 also.

Now, it's a 5 minute swap and a few more minutes to adjust the chain and I'm good to go dirt or sand. Just throw the spare in the trailer and head out.

The coolant jug is not an issue, at least on an '05.

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