Advise Please

Hey Everyone

I need some help with the age old question on what bike to buy. I'm looking at XR 600's and XR 400's ( but I'm not ruling out WR's, KLX's or DR's). I'm what I would consider an intermediate to advanced rider. I have owned about two dozen different bikes including dirt, street and quads. They have included an XR500, YZ490, 500 Quadracer, and a couple of open class street bikes. I've also got quite a bit of time on a buddies CR500. I plan on riding mostly trails (both tight and fairly open) and the occational trip to the sand dunes. But I also want to put a dual sport kit on what ever bike I get and ride on the street about 30% of the time. I'll be buying a second set of tires for street use. I'll be riding both with the "guys" and the family( read: slow). This may be too much to ask of one bike I don't know. Buy the way I'm 5'9" and weigh about 180lbs with a 31" inseam. Let me know what you think.


Sounds like a perfect match to a DRZ 400.

This is really your call. But, I will tell you about myself and hopefully it helps in your decision.

I rode xr250's and 400's throughout the late 80's and early 90's. I then took a break from dirt bikes and rode and raced street bikes. (GSXR 600's, 750,s, a Bandit 1200 and an R1.) I got back into the dirt about 2 years ago and bought an XR 250. Great for the trails, and for relearning the skills but low on power. I wanted something I could do exactly what you are planning on doing. Some tight trails, ride with my 3 year old on his quad, maybe dual sport a little, ride fire roads with my brothers at high speed, jump it higher than 5 feet without bottoming... basically a little of everything.

After researching a bunch and asking for lot's of opinions I settled on the 2005 wr 450, Yamaha. I am thrilled with it. Awesome machine and it performs in all situations very well. Most important for me is that it is awesome in the tight woods. I thought it would be to much bike, but it is very forgiving and the power is easy to manage. Plus it has e-start!!!!!

Just my .02, good luck in your search!!!! :banghead:

That XR 400 will be a loser in the dunes but better in the woods. The 6oo is a tank with good power and reliability. KLRs are mainly for the road. All are old skool, meaning tough but heavy. Personally, I would look at the DRZ, CRF-X or WRs of the current generation. More finicky on maintainence, but they are lots more fun, not much more money.

"As many dirtbike magizines have said if you want the perfect fun trial bike drz400e is ideal. A modern xr400, with more power better handeling and same reliability"--> When choosiing between the drz400 wr450 & crf450x think of it like this: wr & crf= race endro bikes lightning fast nimble but require more maintence and TLC. Drz, xr, klx = trail bikes made for fun which can take punishment have softer seats and suspension for comfort and require much less maintence. From what I have said decide what 'kind' of bike you want then reseach each brand from owners to see what they say about them. good luck

Go with the xr. 400 0r 600, they are bulletproof!! My 600r is plated and never lets me down. I can be riding 2 up, alone, street or tight trails, it is excellent all across the board. I am 6 foot 155 lbs 32 inseam and have no problems throwing it around or jumping it. I get all excited when I pull it out of the shed, like when I was a teen with my first bike :banghead: Very fun

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