Gay Exhaust XR650L ...

Hope nobody ever has to repack that one. :applause:

Looks like it's packed pretty good already :banghead:

In this thread you say you are close to 18 :banghead:

ok, if u read that very closely you can tell that i am 16. i will tell u the long ass story one more time ok? i bought my xr about 4 months ago and i descided i would like to get my cycle endorsemet (it is a dual sport bike) i called up the secretary of state to see exactly what i had to do......they told me i had to take a short class that cost around 20 dollars.........i played hell trying to get a hold of one of these classes......finally i talked to one that said it was booked untell next spring (unless thy dont get govt. funding....then no class) and they also shared the great news that that there are only 13 of these classes in michigan......all of which are also booked and way to far away........that girl directed me to the leader of this class located in lansing (the top boss bitch) and she said to call back in january........and pretty mych screw you. i got to thinking, by next spring when the class is open, i will be over 17 and i might as well wait till im 18 and not take the dumb ass class.

that is where the 18 comes frome.....but i am 16! my birth date is 5/11/89!!!

Just ride with no endorsement untill your 18. I started driving when I was 14.

I out ran my share of cops.

where in michigan do u live? i would but its winter now.......and i might as well wait.

ok he's solid when he rides even though he wants my bike he cant have it lol.

If he is riding a bike he shouldn't have he shouldn't have been such a biach and got an L. L is great lazy adult trail bike, R is for the faster pace so no matter how much you spend on your L wr450 it will still be smoked by an uncorked R :banghead:


Dude ,, That rear tire is ungodly, What John Deer dealer sold that to you ?? ,, You bike is awsome (that other dude is defin jealous)and have you done any carb work to totally uncork it. I have a 04 also and put a supertrapp quiet tip on it with a Uni- filter,desmogged & snorked,Temp dipstick,(jet-55/160's) Let me ask you about your tail light & license plate mod

and how did you mount your plate and is that your stock fender ?? :banghead::applause:



I wonder if the kid ever grew up? :) I am on my 3rd bike since the ol L model XR. Just got this bike 2 weeks ago from AZ and already added a bajadesigns kit and vapor computer with ign key, to make it street legal PLATED in So CA. 2006 CRF450x. And yes it looks better than the kids beat up bike fo




I wonder if Chickenheart, ACGiant, or Fuct still hang in TT ??? :ride:

I'm surprised you even let him get under your skin, well regardless your L was nice and clean. The CRF looks even nicer, happy riding:thumbsup:

Nah...he didnt piss me off too much, probably just caught me at a bad time,lol. I was looking through some old threads finding some old friends, thats all. Ran across this and had some L was a wicked machine that I did tons of work on by myself. And Yeah I love the new bike, much better than any L model on the dirt and gets more dropped chins on the streets. I am putting together a motard wheel set for holliganisms at its best. And will ready a paddle quick change set-up for the dunes. Many mods to come, just had the X about 2 weeks.

I have already dropped $900 into the new bike... gotta slow down,lol

garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=79034 it just me or does that exhaust look gay?!? :ride:


garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=79034 it just me or does that exhaust look gay?!? :ride:


Yes Kenzo,,it is you!!!!!!!!!!!!:):lol:

Sorry bud,but you did leave yourself right open on that one.

Couldn`t resist:thumbsup:


garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=79034 it just me or does that exhaust look gay?!? :ride:


Dont start man:lol:

That crf looks sweet, but what headlight is that?

It must suck that most of the trail bikes over there dont come plated, over here in oz we get the CRFX ready to rego, same with the WR, EXC and so on

Is the 09CRF-X EFI or just the R? over here it's just the R the X is still carby

Its a Baja Designs front light from the dual sport kit, gonna upgrade it to HID dual type real soon from . DRD is pretty gay...but it was on the bike :ride: Its a full system, I modified the stock guard to fit header and keep from burning boots or riding gear.

Yes Kenzo,,it is you!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol::) i remember wut it reminds me of!!! :)


...nice flexi-grips!!! :ride:


That seat looks like 0-monkeybutt in 2 seconds flat !

I still haven't figured out why it's "gay":confused:

What does he want to do to it, and does he reciprocate?

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