Gay Exhaust XR650L ...

This thread is gay.

I still haven't figured out why it's "gay":confused:

What does he want to do to it, and does he reciprocate?

...maybe the Big Denn Reach-Around Mod??? :ride:


...don't forget the gay chainguard... :ride:


with respect to the "special olympics" ....... that headlight looks ghey :ride:

Mgs --This is a "TRICK"650L!?action=view&current=100_1316-1.jpg i remember wut it reminds me of!!! :)


...nice flexi-grips!!! :ride:


:lol::):lol::p I`ve seen one of those actually on the road before,really cool,,,but i`m not getting on the freakin thing..


This is the bestest fread in all of the oUtErNeTs!

The light is kinda gay, but it got me plates...what can I say. Heres a pic I just took, put numbers on light and added fender/swingarm graphics.


Dont mind the uber-gay 67 camaro ss/rs 350 in the background....

heres the gay engine me and my son built in my garage, 100% new from block to air cleaner, dyno'ed at 485hp at 6300rpm.


ok I will go back to my new "home" forum where I belong...."crf450x gang"

Still miss the R & L debates and hates...ha ha u did it! :ride:

...this post will have to be moved the "Uber Ghey", "Town Square Forum"...and no, u do not collect $200 for passing "Go".


P.S. ...nice car but it still doesn't make up for the "bike" :)

Is that a gay yellow battery?

you guys are supposed to fight with us R owners not with each other :) and your bike is BADASS :ride:

...when u get a real bike...come back and play w/ us... :ride:



It just got worse. Thanks Kenzo..........:ride:

wow, i would hate to be behind that tire. that's like a 100000/200-18. huge knobs!

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