WR450 on the road

Glovrin--- where in the California do you live? What was your magic to get a plate on your 2006 WR450F? The general consensus in the San Diego area is forget about trying to dual sport 2005 and newer WR450F's, the DMV here is up to speed on the EPA sticker situation.

I second that. I have heard of several people able to do it but no one experience is the same as the other. Mostly it is a dealer that is willing to check off the box that says Street instead of OHV. The other is a friendly or stupid DMV clerk. All I know is I am getting one and I want to ride the hills behind my house.

I've just picked up this thread and as a UK rider I agree with StranglerFan. I recently got rid of a ZX6R and bought my WR450 to ride both on and off road and I don't miss it at all.

I've got a set of 17inch Excel rims on Talon hubs, with Bridgestone BT 090 tyres. Gearing is 15/39. It's flicky, light, manoeverable and turns in easier than the ZX6 and the torque on the road is great. Overtaking is no problem. Believe it or not I've had 110 mph out of it too!

You can whip the road wheels off and sort the chain out within an hour and go and get filthy too. What more can you ask for?

The bike is a real hoot. I loved my ZX6 as it was a real blasting tool but my only regret is that I didn't get the WR sooner.

Supermoto/Dual Sport works well on this bike. Go for it! :thumbsup:


I've got my 06 on the road although only 1000km on, standard gearing, not too much topend, a bit of steering wobble at about 110kmh.

Eats back tyres though.

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