Base Susp Settings for a '01 426

I posted this in the suspension forum but I didn't get any replys. I've looked for the Base Settings for an '01 426 and I could only find the ones for the front fork. I have the Sag set at 3.75" and it feels just about right.

When I replaced the fork oil and changed the seals the clickers were Full Soft/CCW on the front Fork and Rear Shock. It handles ok but jumping is a bit of a challenge because it's inconsistent.

The guy I purchased the bike from had the suspension reworked by JN Innovations.


Thanks for the info. I've got a shop manual But For the life of me I've thumbed threw it several times and couldn't fit the suspension settings. I'll look agian. :banghead:

in the shop manual , under 7-16 it recommends the sag be set at 90-100mm (3.5-3.9 in).

on 3-39 it states that the rear shock's low speed compression (top clicker in the center) stock setting is 12 clicks out.

on 3-40 is says the high speed compression setting for the shock (the "dail" outside the low speed clicker on the top of the shock) is 1 1/8 turns out.

on 3- 38 is says the stock rebound setting ( the clicker on the bottom of the shock) is 10 clicks out.

On 3-36 the manual says the forks compression setting (clicker on the bottom of the fork) is 8 clicks out.

on 3-34 it says the stock setting for the forks rebound (clicker on the top of the forks) is 10 clicks out.

:applause: Thanks for pointing that out. I was looking at the rear of the manual at the supension tune settings. For Some reason I overlooked section 3-0 where the settings actually are. :banghead:

try speeding up your compression and slowing down your rebound. start with your forks first, then go to the shock. adjust your compression first front then back then your rebound front then back. the idea is that when you land you dont want to bottom out but you want to use as much travel as your suspension has to offer without bottoming out. get the idea? on the rebound it is a little tricky. you dont want to rebound fast for fear of getting bucked off. so if you slow the rebound you land, flatten out slowly come back to full rebound set up and do it again. now remember. each track you may have to do some fine tuning but if you are out at your favorite spot just hitting jumps you shouldnt have to mess with it. you also said you serviced your forks and they are inconsistent. call race tech and ask for bill rhode (pronounced roadee) he can help you with any suspension probs you have

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