Thankxs for all you guys help!!!!!

Guys I had my bike on cycletrader for a couple of months because I finally gave up on the idea that I could control it one day, this was my first bike, dirt bike, it was fun to do certain mods to it, great power, I'll say more than I can handle, so this guy for came over and took it away from me, great guy, he's racing Baja this year and he need it a bike with little abuse. XR650R is SOLD, no regrets, excellent bike, will always remember.


SPECIAL THANXS TO BRUCE for taking a whole night to help me doing the mods (uncorking, jetting) and one day... one day I shall pay for that Home Depot light you wife brought us to get light to finish the bike, Gracias Bruce.

I'm sure yall one to know whats next???? I just got this bike, looks and feels pretty darn good 2.


Wrong forum dude....

ha ha just kidding !

I am sure BWB is goona be P.O.ed' when he sees you sold out on

Enjoy man, looks like it would be fun to get the Orange One plated...

have fun on the other team .)

must have left it out in the sun too long ... the paint's faded, almost looks orange now

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