cable luber ... help !

I imagine this sounds pretty lame, but I bought one of those "clamp-type" cable lubers ... never saw one before ... it obviously clamps around the end of the cable, but how does the spray lube get into it ? ... I read a post somewhere that mentioned a hole in the side to spray into, but mine has no such hole ... :banghead:

I had one of those,just went and looked for it but its gone.Mine had a hole fore the spray tube to fit in the side. It was made of aluminum I think.

I disconnect cable from handlebar lever. Slip cable luber over upper end of cable. Tighten down the twist screw. The cable ball end will be extending out one end of luber while the cable with outer jacket will be coming out other end of luber. Now look for small hole on side of luber near cable ball end just large enough for cable lube spray tube to fit into, about 1/16" in diam. and aligned perpindicular to the cable. Insert lube spray tube and squirt until you get lube coming out bottom end of cable. If you luber has no 1/16" hole for spray tube then it must be defective.

mine has a tiny hole in the side, as you suggest, but it seems to be plugged with rubber, maybe the rubber insert has just plugged it, I'll try poking a hole in it ... I didnt want to try that until I asked ... thanks

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