d/s 426...

My budget for another bike is 4000.00...Im not going to find a wr 450 in this range...Im thinkin of picking up a 2001 426 , There are several in the trader for 3000.00....Putting an e line stator...450.00 dual baja or piaa lights on it..250.00..tailight, brakelight..100.00 and a speedo of some sort, trailtech

or whatever..say around 200.00..puts me around 4000.00....

Street legal it so I can run amuck without being harrassed by forest rangers..

Has anybody done these mods to a 426...?? I been searching the sight , seems like a real reliable bike..There in the trader with all the guards and desert tanks etc. for around 3000.00..Anything I should look for in particular

when buying one..?? This sounds like a fun project,Are those 100 watt baja lights street legal ?? Any body have any reccomendations on a cheap speedometer...??

Thanx in advance for any input.. :banghead:

The Trailtech is a bargain IMOP. Its compact and works nicely! $89. :banghead:

I have my 426 street legal... check "my garage" out... I have a list of the parts I used. I also have a TrailTech speedometer (new) and a used billet protector I will be selling if your interested.

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