Split in fuel tank

I have found a small split in my fuel tank. Its underneath the tank at the end where the rubber band holds the tank still.

Do you gents have any idea what I can do to seal it?????

I had my tank spit to.

I used a plastic welder kinda looks like a soldier gun but blows out a concentrated stream of hot air about 3/16 dia.

You may have to bevel out the crack to get penatration and use some filler, I took a razor blade and cut some slivers off the bottom of the tank to use as a filler. You must use a filler that is chemically the same or the "weld" won't stick.

o-ya make sure you clean the area really good iso alcohol works good.

Plastic welder does the trick, but if your in a pinch...use soap.

I would just buy a new gas tank, though. Try one from Clarke.


someone posted on this recently. I think it may have been replaced by the dealer for free :banghead: . Do a search.

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