2000 Stock PIG -- Where do I start

Please point me in the right direction -- Dual sport and cross country trips..

2000 XR650R

Many Thanks

Cross country trips? I don't think i'd want to do that on a 650. But for starters, Uncork it. If you need help with that, just use the search button for "Uncork", it's a must! Second i would get taller gearing, maybe 15/45 or 15/44 for dual sport use, the stock gearing is 14/48. Then of course u can get into engine mod's, but i haven't done anything like that yet, and i have plenty of power with the stock engine uncorked.

When I talk about cross crountry I am refering to SpringTAT

and the Continental Divide

Many thanks on the gearing notes

No problem.

For cross country dual sporting I think the three most important upgrades for the pig are 1. desert tank. 2. IMS super stock foot pegs. 3 Stabilizer.

Not a necessity, but a more comfortable seat makes for a better overall experience in your off road adventures.

Stop what you're doing and go to www.xr650r.us . Eric has that site dialed in really well, especially the FAQ section. :banghead:

Have the suspension set up for your size/riding style.

I think you said it very well in the subject line P I G on Gas, I have had mine for 2years and just installed the Clarke # 1322 4.7 Gal tank and it is the first and formost thing you should do. I have constantly run very low on fuel and was always worried about running out since i ride solo alot of the time, I even went as far as to put together a emergency kit with 1/4 inch tubing with a inline pump from a boat tank just in case in order to draw fuel from some vehicle of course with permission. So i strongly feel that the tank is the formost mod. The old tank hangs on the wall of my shop where it belongs....

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