More pic's from today (jump and trials area)

yep more pic's.

I wanted to take some pic's of the jumps and trials area up here. This is the same place i took the last pic's, but i forgot to take pic's of this stuff last time. There's more jumps but i didn't want to go to the other side of the mountain because it was about to rain today, plus i spent most my riding today practicing wheelie's in the city :applause::banghead: .

i see a whole bunch of sittin still

yea it's hard to take picture's of urself jumping :applause::banghead:

that looks like the puget sound in the background. I wonder if i've been there?

rob in seattle.

Those jumps look like broken bones waiting to happen!

What's the whole point in posting those pics anyway?? I don't get it!!!

Sweet pics Impala! Thanks for sharing! :banghead:

Nice pics Impala :banghead: Bring a friend next itme so we can see the piggy do some trials work :applause:

Beautiful view, must be a blast up there.

Is that near Mt Vernon?, Camano Is.? Everett?


Rob in Poulsbo (kitsap penninsula)

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