Dry clutch plates

I've got an '02 650r. The motor is stock, except for the uncorking, with a pro circuit full system. I removed the judder spring and added the full size fiber disc in the clutch, with the heavy duty honda springs, and neither myself or my racing partner abuse the clutch. The clutch doesn't slip under a load however, when I stop then begin to go again it grabs very harsh and makes a terrible noise. When I took the clutch apart, all of the plates are dry, and yes they were soaked prior to install. I have gone through everything I can think of on the bike. Can anyone help?

I think you should put judder back in,and one extra steel, take out extra fiber. that how i have mine set up.

Mine did the same thing. Make sure your basket isn't grooved. Sounds like the fibers are getting hung up.

Thanks Tim I will give 'er a try.

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