bent front fork on my xr650r

I bought a 2001 xr650r a couple months ago and just started working on it today to get it running right and while ridding it I noticed the bike wanted to lean to one side and when I applied the front brake it would jerk the wheel to the other side. At first I thought the forks were just twisted but no, I took off the forks and found one of them quite bent. Has anyone seen this before. Anyone have some forks for sale?

You should be able to have them fixed. Ive had them done before.

I've straightened a few fork tubes quite easily, really ... the ones I've done were pretty malleable steel, easy to bend ... first, I roll the tube on a good FLAT workbench, luckily I have a machinist friend that has a huge steel bench that has been machined perfectly flat,.. then just put the tube in a press, pushing it just a slight amount each time, the re-check it until it's straight ...

years ago I worked at a Honda shop ant the guys in the service dept could make them straight in no time. I believe they used a set of v blocks, a dial indicator and a hyd press.

Cool. Thanks for the replies and advice. I guess I'll try to bend it back somehow.

hehe, i would use a tree.......and a ratchet tie down but a real big one......maybe an engine lifter?

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