Most of you probably already know this.

Big gun makes a quiet series exhaust that runs at 94db. You can get the quiet core for your existing Big Gun if you are interested. They also informed me that they are working on something even quieter that gives the same hp benifits.

For what its worth: I have the BigGun SDS exhaust on my 99 WR with a quiet core exhaust with S/A. To my ear and my wifes ear it is slightly louder than a stock YZF exhaust.

At one time they also made a super quiet core, which I have not tried.

Eric in WA

Hey Mike.

Thanks for the info.

However I am trying to avoid buying yet ANOTHER exhaust new system. I have one of the "original" FMF Powercore IV S/A systems right now. More power than I need, but just too loud and with no available options to quiet it down anymore.

I've already talked to FMF about the noise factor. They have simply discontinued the Powercore unit I have and do not offer any quieting accessories for it. "Buy our new stuff" is their response. Yeah, right.

Since my WR is a 1999, the stock exhaust is the old, round black steel boat anchor, and not useful for modification in any capacity.

I'm looking to trade someone for a STOCK 2000 or 2001 YZ system. There's a company that makes a bolt-in insert that allows you to run the FMF Megamax discs and endcap. The result? A tuneable exhaust with a legal spark arrestor.

After owning my '99 WR for two years, I'm positive that this is what's right for me and my riding requirements.


Don't misunderstand me. I am not sugesting that everyone throw out their existing system and all that money for a new one that costs another 500 bucks. For those who are looking into a system, however, this may be a good option. For me, right now, keeping it stock is right in the budget.

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